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Office Design

Beautiful. Functional. Comfortable. Offices that look stunning, feel great and make people feel cared for. Spaces created for happier, healthier people and productive working environments.

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Workplace Consultancy

‘It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it...’ People don’t come in one size, and neither should work stations. We’ll help you set things up properly, taking the ‘ouch’ out of office equipment. Find out how we can work with you!

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Ergonomic Furniture

Support from top to bottom - and everything in between. We’ve hunted out the best in physical ergonomic design and beautiful product design, bringing you furniture that’ll make your people feel good all over.

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What our clients say about us



“The new Boss Alien studio is awesome, a colourful and inspiring environment to create unique games in. The development floor is open, with enough division provided by the sound absorbing acoustic screens to keep each team area unique. We have a really great space to make brilliant things happen.”

Independent_Lives | Posture People

“The service from the first phone call to the delivery of furniture was impeccable, David came to the office to check the colour match of our current furniture to the new furniture ordered with no request from us, to ensure what we ordered would sit well in our new office. There was no question too small.



“On selecting an office furniture company, I was looking for someone that I could share my vision for the office as a whole with, rather than just order a load of desks & chairs.  With Posture People, I certainly got this.  We spent more time discussing what the place would feel like than we did going through the brochures! I have been extremely impressed with the customer service and attention to detail that Posture People have given us.”


Planning a new office?

From one comfortable bottom to hundreds, big businesses to small, Posture People can help you plan and rework of all sorts of workspaces with innovative office design. We source the best in ergonomic office furniture, and tailor it for each individual with our workplace DSE assessments. From reception to the conference room, we can transform your office from start to finish.

Moving offices can be hard. We’ve put together a handy office move calculator combining a checklist and guide to costings which will help keep you on track, on budget and to make everything run like clockwork, right from the off.

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  • A treat day for the Posture People team at Ridgeview

      The Posture People motto has always been ‘Love Your Workplace’ and we try to implement this in everything we do. From moving to the beach and making sure that our staff are kitted out with an ergonomic chair of their choice, standing desk and all the latest accessories, we like to think that we take […]
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  • What is Osteopathy & how could it help you?

    Health professionals often recommend us to help their clients with workstation related Musculoskeletal conditions. There are many treatments available to help with the aches and pains associated with the ever increasing time we spend sitting at our desks, however it’s not always easy to decide what would be best for each individual condition. Wanting to know more […]
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  • The perfect chair for Infant school teachers

    We are always scouting out niche new products to fix the issues that people are having with their workspaces. Recently we were introduced to the Kiga chair, a revolutionary chair that is perfect for  infant school teachers. This role in particular calls for a lot of crouching down to the level of the children, or […]
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