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Office Design

Beautiful. Functional. Comfortable. Offices that look stunning, feel great and make people feel cared for. Spaces created for happier, healthier people and productive working environments.   Find out more

Workplace Consultancy

‘It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it...’ People don’t come in one size, and neither should work stations. We’ll help you set things up properly, taking the ‘ouch’ out of office equipment. Find out how we can work with you! Find out more

Ergonomic Furniture

Support from top to bottom - and everything in between. We’ve hunted out the best in physical ergonomic design and beautiful product design, bringing you furniture that’ll make your people feel good all over.  Take a look at our products

What our clients say about us


“The new Boss Alien studio is awesome, a colourful and inspiring environment to create unique games in. The development floor is open, with enough division provided by the sound absorbing acoustic screens to keep each team area unique. We have a really great space to make brilliant things happen.”


“Their service was thorough, and their prices competitive. I would happily, in turn, recommend Posture People to somebody else.”


It was a pleasure to work with David and the Posture People team on the project to furnish our new office. We selected Posture People for a variety of reasons including their competitively priced, high quality products and their impressive environmental credentials. It was great to be able to see the furniture first hand in the showroom too. It made it easy to select the furniture with confidence, knowing that the products were right for our staff and our organisation. The service was fantastic throughout the project, from delivering the initial brief up to the installation of the furniture and the after care. Thanks to David and the team for making the process go so smoothly. Our staff and volunteers are absolutely delighted with the finished result.


homepage-office-calc-pic2Planning a new office?

From one comfortable bottom to hundreds, big businesses to small, we can help you plan, design and rework of all sorts of business spaces.

We’ve got knowledge, expertise and tools to make everything run like clockwork, right from the off.

Download our Office Move Calculator Download our Office Move Calculator


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