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Posture People, Hove, Staff Group photo, 2016

About Posture People

We work with a variety of clients, from large business to home office users, to improve their workspaces.  The services we offer range all the way from an entire office refit to suggesting how an individual can be more comfortable at their desk.  The spaces we create lead to happier, healthier people and more productive working environments.

The Posture People motto is “Love Your Workspace” and we apply this in everything we do, making sure our own staff and our customers get the very best from us and from their workspaces.

Jo Blood – Director

Posture People, Hove, Staff Group photo, 2016As director of Posture People, Jo’s role consists of the day to day management as well as shaping the strategic direction of the company.

Jo gets involved in all aspects of the business, from managing personnel and the IT systems we use, to developing the marketing & business plans.

Jo is completely focused on customer service, and is especially talented at finding comfortable ergonomic solutions for people with disabilities. Extremely knowledgeable on the themes of office ergonomics and workplace wellbeing, Jo is often asked to proffer advice and has been quoted by a number of national publications including The Guardian and The Evening Standard.

Jo’s ergonomic desk set up currently consists of a HÅG Capisco chair, an Evoluent mouse, an Ergodoc and a Flo monitor arm all nestled on and around her Height-adjustable Sit-stand desk.

Specialities: DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessment, Project Management, Workplace solutions for people with disabilities.

Dave Blood – Director

Posture People, Hove, Staff Group photo, 2016

Our director David Blood has been working in the ergonomic furniture industry since 1997 so has built up a wealth of experience in solving workstation related problems and issues.

Responsible for our office refurbishment side of things, Dave works closely with our interior design partners to create offices that look stunning, foster productivity and make staff feel cared for. He works closely with organisations of all sizes and whether they need a single chair or a complete furniture package he’ll get a good grasp of their needs and provide them with the best products available for their budget.

Dave is also responsible for the hugely successful charity comedy night Cardiac Comedy held annually in Brighton to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

Dave sits on an Axia Plus with a headrest, and uses a Rollermouse Pro and Ergodoc (there’s a theme emerging here).

Specialities: Office Refurbishment, Office Relocation, Space Planning, DSE (Display Screen Equipment Assessment.

Laura Mcnamee – Account Manager

Posture People, Hove, Staff Group photo, 2016

Laura is our Account Manager. She works closely with a variety of clients from large organisations to home office users, talking to them, finding out their needs and connecting them with ergonomic office furniture and accessories to make their lives better. She loves nothing more than finding the right product to free a client from their workplace aches and pains, and helping them to sit more comfortably for longer.

Her background in retail, sales and office management means she understands the challenges of office working, and makes her the perfect host of our regular Office Managers Networking Meetups.

Because Laura is tiny, she sits on an RH Logic 300. With the small seat depth and low gas lift setting, this is the perfect chair for petite people. She uses a Rockstick ambidextrous mouse, and her keyboard of choice is the Both Hands. She’s also a fan of the Ergodoc Copy Holder.

Specialities: DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments, Account Management, Exceptional Customer Service, Being Cheery.

Emily Cooper – Marketing Coordinator

Posture People, Hove, Staff Group photo, 2016Emily is responsible for our marketing. This means keeping our website up to date, sharing and tweeting all the news about our projects and products, building links to the Posture People website and raising awareness of our business.

A creative dynamo, Emily creates all of our visual marketing too. This includes all the handy infographics such as our sitting and standing guides, and the beautiful client portfolio book that sits in our assessment room. And as if that wasn’t keeping her busy enough, she’s currently learning how to design 3D offices in CAD.

To help her create all these fantastic things, Emily uses a Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and Evoluent mouse as well as her trusty Ergodoc. When she’s not standing at her standing desk, she loves using the Wilkhahn IN chair.

Specialities: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting,  All things design and creative.

Rachelle Dare – Office Manager

Posture People, Hove, Staff Group photo, 2016

As the Office Manager, Rachelle (pronounced Rachel) is the Mary Poppins of Posture People, practically perfect in every way. She is involved in all aspects of the business, from maintaining the showroom and managing deliveries to liaising with our customers and organising our diaries. If you call us, it’s 95% likely that Rachelle will answer the phone.

Rachelle can’t decide which she likes best out of the Grahl Duo-Back and Flo chair and like all of us, gets lots of use out of her Ergodoc. When we asked her what her favourite product was, she said her height-adjustable standing desk. Obviously.

Specialities: Making sure our products get to our customers safely, Being organised, Arranging everything.

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