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We’re hiring!

  Posture People’s purpose is to make people healthier, happier and more productive. We create good postural habits from the beginning that will safeguard people for the future, and work with companies that want to create better environments that will inspire their employees. To help companies achieve this we provide products and services that improve […]

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Fika: More than just a coffee break?

It has to be said that pastry is one of our favourite subjects here at Posture People HQ. The word can’t be uttered without the office coming to a standstill and little faces popping up from behind their standing desks. Although sweet treats and coffee is not commonly associated with workplace wellness, we recently came […]

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Review: The Lumo Lift Posture Coach

Whenever we design an office space or deliver a DSE assessment, we often stress the importance of quashing the bad habits that contribute to poor postures. We can supply the best workstation in the world, but if you are not sitting correctly, you won’t be able to unlock its full potential. Recently, we have been […]

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CPD Brighton

CPD Seminar: How we work

You are invited to join us for a RIBA CPD core curriculum presentation HOW WE WORK “In years gone by, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to office design might have been the norm, but as the decades have progressed, so too have the options available to businesses designing ‘homes from home’ for their office […]

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