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How to implement a clean desk policy

With agile or flexible working becoming a prevalent way of working in modern offices, it’s important to think about ‘clean desk’ policies. Whether it’s a mutual understanding, or contractual obligation, clean desk policies help to protect equipment, maintain office hygiene and allow any flexible worker to touch down in the workplace with ease. What is […]

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Review: Oryx evo D Laptop Stand

Tailored Fit was founded in 2015 by executive health coach, Ben Davies. Since 2012 he has been working with CEOs, MDs, Global Heads and Partners of companies to optimise their health and performance and develop corporate wellness strategies. An expert in mental, physical and nutritional wellness, we asked Ben to review our new ultra lightweight […]

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What is Ehlers Danlos syndrome?

We have assessed (EDS) Ehlers Danlos and Hypermobility Syndrome in the workplace for many years, and are often asked for recommendations to help Individuals return to work safely and comfortably. A genetic disease that affects the connective tissues, Ehlers Danlos is often identified by symptoms such as repeated joint dislocations, hyperplastic skin, chronic pain, scoliosis […]

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Cardiac Comedy is back and bigger than ever!

Our very own Director David Blood has been awarded runner up for the prestigious British Heart Foundation heart hero’s award for his fundraising efforts. After receiving incredible support after undergoing two lifesaving heart operations, David has raised an amazing £11,000 for the charity with his annual event, Cardiac Comedy. “I have been overwhelmed with the […]

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Posture People Golf Day 2017

Every year, we like to get host a golf day overlooking the downs in the beautiful Sussex countryside. After a couple of cups of coffee and bacon rolls, we were fortunate enough to tee off in bright sunshine after a couple of shifty looking clouds had passed. Our golf day is always an excellent opportunity […]

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