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Vote for your favourite restaurant interior 2017

We are delighted to be headline sponsors of the Brighton and Hove Food Festival 2017. Often creating beautiful hospitality environments ourselves, this year we have been charged with the difficult task of judging the winner of the ‘Best Venue Design’ 2017.  Click the link below to nominate your favorite restaurant interior in Brighton! Nominate Here »»» […]

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We’re Hiring!

Posture People are looking for someone to support our office manager by looking after our credit control.  You must have superb organisation skills and a keen eye for detail.  We are looking for someone to work on a freelance basis for about 3 hours per week and we are happy for the individual to structure […]

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Contour shuttle pro v2 review

Contour Shuttle Pro v2 Review

The recent release of the Contour ShuttlePRO v2 has been hailed as the perfect productivity accessory for video, audio or photo editing applications on PC or Mac. Wanting to see just how well in functions in the hands of expert video editors, we asked Creative Director Greg Brand from Travizeo to give it a whirl. Travizeo […]

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Heart Heroes Inspiration Award

Every Autumn, our Director David Blood organises, sponsors and hosts Cardiac Comedy. Starting in 2013, this event has snowballed in popularity and has included some of the nation’s finest acts including Romesh Ranganathan, Zoe Lyons and over a dozen other fantastic comedians. Cardiac Comedy was born after David’s second lifesaving heart operation in 2012. Spurred on […]

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Autism Awareness In The Workplace

Recent statistics from the National Autistic Society have found that only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid employment. We often help companies make reasonable adjustments for their staff. Whilst there is a variety of unique ways in which Autism presents itself, with relatively few, cost-effective or free adjustments, you can make your workplace […]

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Meet our new DSE assessor Raha

Posture People have recently expanded, adding another Account Manager to help look after some of our clients across London. With a wealth of experience and an aptitude for health and safety and Display Screen Equipment assessments, we are thrilled to welcome Raha Mokhtari to the team. We sat down with Raha for a few minutes […]

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How to communicate an office move successfully

Guest Post Elissa Dennis, Marketing & PR Consultant, Out Of The Many kindly shares some of her advice and top tips on implementing an office move, and effectively communicating with your employees. People react to change in many different ways. Some embrace it wholeheartedly and can’t wait for the challenge, keen to experience something different, energised […]

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Mindful Eating: A new approach to healthy eating

Overeating, dieting, stress-induced craving, guilt, comfort eating, dissatisfaction with body image… these experiences are much more common than one might think. Having little to do with the actual physical appearance or how confident a person might seem to others, disordered eating behaviour – be it binge eating or dietary restrictions – and body image issues […]

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