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5 ways to make your office a little bit greener | Posture People

6 ways to make your office a little bit greener

When it comes to becoming more environmentally friendly, every little helps.  We have come up with some tips, tricks and products to make your office just that little bit greener. Aside from the obvious benefits going green has on the environment, making your business environmentally friendly can save you money, improve your SKA rating and even increase staff […]

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my open plan office is too noisy | Posture People | Brighton

The noisy issue with open plan offices

The office landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. With increasing commercial property prices, the average amount of office space has drop to 150 square foot in comparison to around 400 square foot in 1985, leading facilities managers to look into alternative, cost-effective ways of working. As a result of this remote working, […]

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How to make your workplace more comfortable for pregnant employees | Posture People | Pregnancy risk assessments

Making your workplace fit for new and expectant mothers

After our previous post, ‘Everything you need to know about DSE’, we were asked about adapting the workstation for pregnant employees. After receiving the happy news, it is important that you take the employees optimum comfort into consideration and cover all the Health and Safety aspects. First things first… The pregnant employee’s first step is […]

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DSE assessment | Posture People Brighton

Everything you need to know about DSE

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that attended our Office Managers Networking event. It was great to see some new faces as well as learning about DSE from Director of Posture People Jo Blood. This talk highlighted the importance of having a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment and the  impact workplace adjustments has on […]

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