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Environmentally friendly office furniture | Posture People

Environmentally friendly furniture

Your furniture footprint – Environmentally friendly furniture We only source the best in responsible ergonomic design. It is important to us to know where our furniture is coming from and the footprint that it leaves behind.  With so many excellent suppliers, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one way we are working to reduce our eco footprint so […]

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Health and safety 2015 | Posture People

Health and safety statistics for Great Britain

Every year the Health and Safety Executive releases their latest statistics on work related injuries, illnesses and accidents from workplaces in the UK. 1.2 million of working people within the statistics suffered from an illness that they believed was made worse, or caused by work, with 0.8 million former workers reporting that they are suffering […]

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How big does my office need to be | Posture People

How big does an office need to be?

Moving offices can be a costly affair, with space at a premium, it’s important to make sure that your space is working as hard as possible for you and your team. One question that we are always asked is “how much office space do I really need?”.  This quick guide will explain the legal constraints […]

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Gamification for business

Gamification for business

We are always looking out for ways to help change our bad behaviours. Not drinking enough water, slouching, eating at the desk, the list is endless. Amongst other office sins, a big issue that we have often come up against is how to encourage healthier behaviours in workplaces. We have been advocates of standing desks […]

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The Posture People warehouse sale!

We are passionate about sourcing the latest in ergonomic design. In preparation for some new stock, we have decided to have a warehouse clearance and sell off some of our ergonomic products at a fraction of the RRP! As well as the products listed below, we also have some other bits and bobs such as back […]

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Posture People | Sitting won't kill you

New study suggests “sitting won’t kill you”

Recently, the Washington post wrote this article commenting on a comprehensive study from the University of Exeter and University College London (originally published in the the International Journal of Epidemiology). During this study they tracked 16 years worth of results from  5132 participants and looked at how long they sat for throughout the day, as well as measuring physical activity. […]

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manage stress | Workplace | Posture People

How to effectively manage stress in the workplace

Whether it’s the demands of the job or how it is being handled in your workplace, stress is unfortunately an increasing issue at work. According to the health and safety executive (HSE) 428,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress to the extent that they believed it contributed to illness. That’s a whopping 40% of all work-related illness! Managing […]

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