Healthy Sitting – Exercises

Girsberger, have put together this fantastically illustrated guide to office exercises for us.

Why not give them a try!

1 – Stretching backward
Lean back, and at the same time stay in constant contact with the backrest. Stretch your arms as far upward as possible. Stay in this position for the count of two or three breaths.
2 – Shoulder circles
Straighten your spine while keeping some distance between yourself and the backrest. Draw up your shoulders. Then move them backward, then as far downward as possible, then forward and finally upward again. This circling movement can be repeated several times, and duplicated in the opposite direction. Breathe in when you draw your shoulders up; breathe out when you let them fall. Note: Slowly increase the radius of the shoulder circles. Emphasize the backward and downward movements. As an alter-native, you can stand to do this exercise.
3 – Head movements
Turn your head to the right. Turn it back to the front, and then bend it forward. Turn your head to the left.
4 – Chest stretching
Bend your head and the upper part of your back forward, draw your shoulders forward, and turn your thumbs in-ward. At the same time, breathe out. Straighten up, push your breastbone forward and upward, push your shoulders back, and turn your thumbs outward. At the same time, breathe in.
5 – Neck stretching
One arm hangs down loosely, hand towards the floor, shoul-der relaxed. The other hand holds the head and draws it gently sideways. At the same time, bend your head forward slightly. The arm on the other side pulls in the direction of the floor. Hold this stretched position for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times on both sides.
6 – Reach for the stars
You can do this exercise sitting upright on your chair or standing. Stretch your hands toward the ceiling. Imagine reaching for the stars, and try to get taller and taller. Feel how your back stretches. Give more attention to stretching the right side, then the left side. As in all exercises, make sure your breathing is continuous and relaxed.
7 – Torso turning
Sit upright and towards the front of your chair. Put one hand on the other, and raise your elbows to the same height as your shoulders. Now slowly turn as far as you can towards one side, then turn towards the other.
8 – Pelvis tilting
This standard exercise is important for the lumbar region of the vertebral column. You sit upright on the front part of your chair. Tilt your pelvis forward and backward, allowing your buttocks to roll slowly over the seat bones. Try alternating small, light movements with larger, slower ones.

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