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Award Winning Offices for Propellernet

The Propellernet project won the prestigious Acumen Commerical Interiors Award for "Most Innovative Office Design 2012"

Press play to see how Propellernet's award-winning office space came into being...

Client background:

Established in 2003, Propellernet has developed into an award winning online marketing agency.  They have pioneered an entirely unique and powerful approach to engaging customers online through strategy-led, integrated online marketing campaigns. Their clients include Hi-tec, Contiki, Furniture Village, and Sovereign Holidays.


Brief: ‘As a digital marketing agency all Propellernet has is the people and four walls, now the people are really important but so are the four walls’ Jim Jenson (Finance Director, Propellernet).  So the challenge was to create a space that inspired staff and clients, and be the agency that everyone clamoured to work at.

Budget: £25k to £50k
Space: 4,000 square foot
Timescale: Project completed in 5 weeks, including 2 day install

How we approached the project:

Being a creative company, Propellernet were looking to create a very innovative environment for their staff, and wanted to recreate the vibe of a London agency by the sea.  Working in conjunction with an interior designer Nicola Gobat, a colour palette of 5 contrasting but complementing shades was employed throughout the whole project. 

As well as co-ordinating the furniture, the interior designer also liaised with the graffiti artist to ensure that the sky on the wall mural co-ordinated with the fabric pantone on the desk screens.  A selection of colours was also used on the office chairs, creating an informal approach to seating rather than a regimented corporate look.  

The colour palette was continued to the meeting rooms, with the informal meeting room having a contemporary white table and lime green Trilips chairs. 


The boardroom features hot pink Key meeting room chairs round a 10 person boardroom table. 

What does the client think?

"On selecting an office furniture company, I was looking for someone that I could share my vision for the office as a whole with, rather than just order a load of desks & chairs.  With Posture People, I certainly got this.  We spent more time discussing what the place would feel like than we did going through the brochures!  Posture People’s solution was more expensive than some of the others we looked at – and I am extremely happy that we went the extra mile.  I have been extremely impressed with the customer service and attention to detail that Posture People have given us." Jim Jensen, Finance Director, Propellernet

What the staff think of their new space:

"Propellernet’s new offices are a complete breath of fresh air and a fantastic and inspirational space for staff to work in. From the brilliant graffiti mural on the wall, right down to comfortable ergonomic chairs and workstations, every last detail has been considered and executed to perfection. Thanks to everyone who worked on the project, great job!"
Chris Clapham, Marketing Manager, Propellernet

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  • I've been spending some long days (and evenings) at the desk recently and it has made such a difference. Thanks for all your advice and assistance.”
    Andy Burstow, Flux Dynamics (Retail Customer)