24-hour office chairs – The best chairs for shift workers

When you or your staff are sitting on a chair for a long period of time, it’s essential that this equipment offers the utmost comfort and support.

When shift patterns and the nature of a job mean that your office chairs are being used 24/7, a robust piece of kit is necessary. Considering that the key daily operations and essential control of your business may be run from this room, choosing chairs for 24-hour call centres, CCTV or control rooms and site security offices can be challenging. Comfort and ergonomics must go hand in hand and it’s vital that your chairs are heavy-duty and designed and tested to withstand intensive use for many years.

Chairs being used in this sort of environment may need to be used by a number of different staff around the clock so it’s imperative that your control room chairs are highly adjustable to ensure access to multiple screens and easy movement around the office. The chairs need to provide comfort for staff of different shapes and sizes and should cater for a variety of different working positions.

Sitting in a poorly chosen chair can cause extreme discomfort, reducing staff productivity and increasing the likelihood of time off work due to back pain. Give your staff the chance to show their best at any hour of the day by providing comfortable, adjustable, durable chairs for them to sit on.

When choosing control room chairs you need to consider the following questions:

  1. Does the chair offer sufficient support to the spine?
  2. Chairs for 24-7 use must be specified in 24-hour fabrics with reinforced bases – without them, you might cut your warranty in half!
  3. Can the chair be easily adjusted to accommodate different staff members? Consider seat height and width, as well as back and armrests
  4. Is the chair comfortable for long periods of time?
  5. Does the chair allow users freedom of movement and allow them to change their posture?
  6. Are the cushions made of tough but breathable cloth or mesh, to prevent staff from being uncomfortable in warm environments?
  7. Is the chair safe to move, allowing multiple screen access and movement around the room?

Choose a fully adjustable chair which offers the right support and doesn’t become uncomfortable after a few hours. The best chairs will include levers and bolts to let you raise, lower, tilt, adjust, expand and slide, with adjustable arms and seat depth being a particular feature of 24-hour chairs. to provide optimal comfort for any shift patterns.  Your operators and staff will thank you for investing in their wellbeing and will think they’re excellent, especially if they’re working a 12-hour shift.

 In our experience, it’s best to work with each individual to find a chair that’s perfect for them. Think about who will be sitting on the chair and what they will be doing. Some of our larger chairs, an Axia Focus or the AM:PM chair, may be perfectly suited to a larger individual working, but would not be right for someone with a petite frame working in a police emergency call centre, for whom an Axia Plus or RH Logic would be much more suitable.

If you’re still not sure, we can offer you advice on which 24-hour chair is most suitable for you or your staff. Just get in touch with us on 0330 332 0880 or drop us a line below to talk to one of our ergonomics experts about 24-hour office chairs. 

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