8 ways to make your office eco friendly

When it comes to becoming more environmentally friendly, every little helps.  We have come up with some tips, tricks and products to make your office more eco friendly. Aside from the obvious benefits going green has on the environment, making your business environmentally friendly can save you money, improve your SKA rating and even increase staff retention rates.

Recycle your old furniture

The idea of furniture made from valuable resources from millions of offices around the globe makes us wince. That’s why we’ve decided to do something about it and start our own recycling scheme where we incentivise our customers to recycle furniture that is past it’s best. Read all about how and why we do it here.

Ditch the bins!

Under the desk individual bins as we all know, aren’t great for recycling. One office design trend that we have seen increase in popularity recently, is ditching the bins altogether and replacing them with a bank of attractive recycling bins at the end of the desk. Beyond waste management and better recycling, this also encourages people to take micro-breaks as they stand up to use them. This helps the user to take essential eye breaks from the screen and prevents them from sitting still all day.

Environmentally friendly furniture

Do you know where your furniture comes from? Our suppliers are dedicated to their green messages and are based right here in the UK and still using handmade techniques that eliminate a lot of waste. Read more about our responsible and ergonomic designs in our Environmentally Friendly Furniture blog post.

Living walls and office plants

Anyone that follows us on social media will probably be well aware of our love of office greenery and living walls. There are oodles of benefits for introducing plants into the office including filtering the air from airborne office pollutants, increasing productivity, and let’s face it, looking lovely! Our projects team at Love your workspace put together their favourite office plants for productivity here

Switch to 100% renewable energy

We run our offices off 100% renewable energy and you can too! We switched our energy provider to Bulb which not only saved us some pennies but also means that our renewable electricity energy comes from solar, wind and hydro. We don’t use gas, but we’re pleased to see that their gas is 100% carbon neutral. Get £50 off your first bill by switching here.

Go open plan

love your workspace spoke about the benefits and pitfalls of open-plan offices in one of their latest blog posts. If designed just right, with careful planning, design and input from your team, they can be fantastic work environments. Working without walls also has the benefit of capitalizing on the available natural light. Beyond saving you money on your electricity bill and lightbulb stock, a recent study has revealed that exposure to natural light can even improve your work performance.

Alternative transport

Working right next to the beach has made us great fans of cycling to work (although our research has concluded, not on rainy days with a strong south-westerly wind). As well as keeping your staff fighting fit, this can also make for a cost-effective commute with more companies taking part in cycle to work schemes, where you can save money on a bike and gradually pay for a new bike through your salary.

Alternatively, you can reduce your commute completely by adopting telecommuting and flexible working practises. Working flexibly can be mutually beneficial for staff with hefty commutes or childcare commitments in particular. If you do decide to adopt these practices, make sure you check out the ergonomic essentials for home working.

Take part

We are always trying to encourage people to get outside and get some fresh air during their breaks. If you find it hard to prise people away from their screens, why not organise some outdoor events! We have seen some excellent examples of our clients organising summer sports day (complete with obligatory Pimms) and trips away to explore the Alps – we’re looking at you Propellernet!

Most importantly, It can also be a good way to start doing something good for the environment. You can soak up the sunshine by joining a big beach cleanup walk or starting a tree planting scheme like Brighton based pedal powered stationary company W.Straker.

If you live in Brighton or the surrounding area, here are some events you might like to take part in…

Green Architecture day

Surfers against sewage: Beach clean up

Further reading

Environmental taxes, reliefs and schemes for businesses

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