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Girl sitting on a sofa with computer on her lap
Easy daily exercises to help relieve neck ache and stiffness

Guest post by Caspar K Ingham from Tao Yogi Whether you’re working…

Office Wellbeing Advice
Woman walking in the park
Simple tips for including more movement in your working day

Becoming more active can feel like an intimidating task, but including more…

Office Wellbeing Advice
Online DSE assessment hybrid working
How can you manage hybrid working?

What is hybrid working? Hybrid working is a phrase that is currently…

Office Ergonomics Advice
How to support stress and anxious colleagues
Supporting employees during uncertain times

Our brain has a tendency towards a negative bias and fears anything…

Office Wellbeing Advice
exercises you can do at your desk
6 simple daily desk exercises

Last week, we came across these excellent desk exercises from totaljobs. Developed…

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office lighting, migraine prevention, how to adjust office lighting
How to adjust your office lighting

What is “personal office lighting” and why might we need it? Historically,…

Health & Safety Advice
Are standing desks actually good for you? Standing desks, posture people, brighton
Are standing desks actually good for you?

They’ve soared in popularity in recent years but are standing desks actually…

Office Ergonomics Advice
The best 24 hour office chairs
24-hour office chairs – The best chairs for shift workers

When you or your staff are sitting on a chair for a…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Is it better to work from home
Is it better to work from home?

We have seen a big generational shift in the way people want…

Office Wellbeing Advice