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The best 24 hour office chairs
24-hour office chairs – The best chairs for shift workers

When you or your staff are sitting on a chair for a…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Bad posture. postural kyphosis, hunched back
Postural Kyphosis

Nearly every day-to-day work action (when not done correctly) from using a…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Office workers of the future
Is this what office workers will look like in the future?

Meet Emma; A life-size doll that represents what office workers will look…

Office Design Advice
What are standing desks and why might they be right
Standing Desks – What they are and why they might just be right for you

Here at Posture People, we’re very much proponents of the ergonomic chair,…

Office Design Advice
6 top tips for workplace wellness
Mental health first aid training

Recent research conducted by mental health charity Mind, found that work is…

Office Wellbeing Advice
We need to talk about presenteeism
Let’s talk about presenteeism

As big advocates of workplace wellbeing, we have our ear to the…

Office Wellbeing Advice
15 steps to better employee engagement
How can you make your team SUPERENGAGED?

You might have spotted that our sister office design company Love Your…

Office Wellbeing Advice
What is Raynaud’s disease?

During our time as DSE workstation assessors, we’ve often been asked to…

Office Wellbeing Advice
Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus sized stuff
Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus-sized staff.

Year on year the percentage of obesity in adults continues to rise.  In…

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