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6 top tips for workplace wellness
Mental health first aid training

Recent research conducted by mental health charity Mind, found that work is…

Office Wellbeing Advice
We need to talk about presenteeism
Let’s talk about presenteeism

As big advocates of workplace wellbeing, we have our ear to the…

Home working
15 steps to better employee engagement
How can you make your team SUPERENGAGED?

You might have spotted that our sister office design company Love Your…

Office Wellbeing Advice
What is Raynaud’s disease?

During our time as DSE workstation assessors, we’ve often been asked to…

Office Wellbeing Advice
Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus sized stuff
Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus-sized staff.

Year on year the percentage of obesity in adults continues to rise.  In…

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3 ways you can improve your company culture for retention

We all want high staff retention rates in our business, don’t we?…

Office Wellbeing Advice
Agile working essentials for remote workers
5 Google Chrome extensions that will boost your employee wellbeing

We know first hand that happy and healthy employees are more productive…

Office Wellbeing Advice
avoiding migraines at work, migraines, migraine prevention, head ache, eye pain
How to handle and prevent migraines at work

According to The Migraine Trust, every day in the UK there are…

Office Wellbeing Advice
How to implement a clean desk policy
How to implement a clean desk policy

With agile or flexible working becoming a prevalent way of working in…

Office Wellbeing Advice