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How do I choose a good office chair?

How do I choose a good office chair? As you’d expect, it’s something we get asked all the time, by employee’s, HR representatives and Facilities Managers alike. The answer is it really depends… Just like the people that sit in them, chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with various features designed to support one […]

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How to make your workplace more comfortable for pregnant employees | Posture People | Pregnancy risk assessments

Making your workplace fit for new and expectant mothers

After our previous post, ‘Everything you need to know about DSE’, we were asked about adapting the workstation for pregnant employees. After receiving the happy news, it is important that you take the employees optimum comfort into consideration and cover all the Health and Safety aspects. First things first… The pregnant employee’s first step is […]

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Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus-sized staff.

Year on year the percentage of obesity in adults continues to rise.  In 2017 the National Office of Statistics together with the NHS, reported that one in four adults were classified as clinically obese.   With this comes the need for employers to accommodate for larger-built and employees and plus sized staff in the workplace.   As a responsible employer, […]

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Standing desk guidelines | Posture People

Essential guidelines for standing desks users

Posture People have been advocates of workplace wellbeing for over 10 years. Although awareness of sit-stand workstations has generally risen recently, there is still a lack of guidelines for regular users, or the proven benefits for employers. Recently, a consensus statement commissioned by Public Health England and Active Working was released. They gathered experts to provide these guidelines […]

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Is it too hot to work?

Grab your buckets and spades, this week is going to be a scorcher……… But as the mercury rises, the reality is that lots of us will be at our desks (unless you are fortunate enough to be reading this from a paddling pool…. we’re looking at you, agile workers). This got us to thinking how […]

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What is Ehlers Danlos syndrome?

We have assessed (EDS) Ehlers Danlos and Hypermobility Syndrome in the workplace for many years, and are often asked for recommendations to help Individuals return to work safely and comfortably. A genetic disease that affects the connective tissues, Ehlers Danlos is often identified by symptoms such as repeated joint dislocations, hyperplastic skin, chronic pain, scoliosis […]

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DSE assessment | Posture People Brighton

Everything you need to know about DSE

Our recent Office Managers networking event highlighted the importance of having a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment and the  impact workplace adjustments has on the whole team. We have noticed during our time as DSE assessors that there is very little information accessible to help the provider fully understand the importance of the assessment…And that’s where […]

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