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Health and safety 2015 | Posture People

Health and safety statistics for Great Britain

Every year the Health and Safety Executive releases their latest statistics on work related injuries, illnesses and accidents from workplaces in the UK. 1.2 million of working people within the statistics suffered from an illness that they believed was made worse, or caused by work, with 0.8 million former workers reporting that they are suffering […]

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How big does my office need to be | Posture People

How much office space do i need?

Moving offices can be a costly affair, with space at a premium, it’s important to make sure that your space is working as hard as possible for you and your team. One question that we are always asked is “how much office space do I really need?”.  This quick guide will explain the legal constraints […]

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manage stress | Workplace | Posture People

How to effectively manage stress in the workplace

Whether it’s the demands of the job or how it is being handled in your workplace, stress is a big issue is modern workplaces. According to the health and safety executive (HSE) 428,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress to the extent that they believed it contributed to illness. That’s a whopping 40% of all work-related illness! Managing […]

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Remote Working Essentials | Posture People

Ergonomic essentials for remote working.

In order to improve staff flexibility, a growing number of companies are adopting remote working practices. Although remote working has mutual benefits for both parties, such as a reduction in overhead costs for employers and a better work/life balance for their staff, having no fixed workplace can sometimes highlight some painful issues. With most remote […]

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