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Can i sit on a gym ball at work?
Sitting on a gym ball at work – The facts

Recently the trend for swapping out your office chair for a gym…

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office lighting, migraine prevention, how to adjust office lighting
How to adjust your office lighting

What is “personal office lighting” and why might we need it? Historically,…

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Are standing desks actually good for you? Standing desks, posture people, brighton
Are standing desks actually good for you?

They’ve soared in popularity in recent years but are standing desks actually…

Office Ergonomics Advice
The best 24 hour office chairs
24-hour office chairs – The best chairs for shift workers

When you or your staff are sitting on a chair for a…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Bad posture. postural kyphosis, hunched back
Postural Kyphosis

Nearly every day-to-day work action (when not done correctly) from using a…

Office Ergonomics Advice
how to choose a standing desk
How to choose a standing desk

It’s difficult to know how to choose a standing desk. To choose…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Desk essentials for developers
Ergonomic desk essentials for Developers

The booming digital scene in Brighton means that we have lots of…

Office Ergonomics Advice
How to relieve carpal tunnel pain
How to relieve Carpal Tunnel pain

Often presenting itself as tingling, numbness and pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Ergonomics for designers
How to relieve shoulder pain

As a Marketing Manager, I spend a lot of my life using…

Office Ergonomics Advice