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Ergotron workfit-T reviews
Review: The Ergotron Workfit-T

You might remember around this time last year, I wrote a review…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Are smart phones to blame for your back pain
Are smart phones to blame for your back pain?

Let’s start by talking about back pain. A third of people surveyed…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Ergonomic posture fixes for under £100
Fantastic ergonomic products under £100

The average guarantee for an ergonomic chair is around 5 years, with…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Study suggests that sitting wont kill you
New study suggests “sitting won’t kill you”

Recently, the Washington Post wrote this article commenting on a comprehensive study from the…

Office Ergonomics Advice
How to create the perfect hot desk agile working environment
How to set up a hot-desking office

Love it or loathe it, hot desks are coming to an office near…

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Working with arthritis tips and products
Working with arthritis (top tips and products)

Every day at Posture People, we work with people with varying levels…

Office Ergonomics Advice
How to choose the right keyboard
How do I choose a computer Keyboard?

You’ve totted up the hours you spend perched in front of your…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Tips for hypermobility sufferrers
Office set up advice for Hypermobilty sufferers

Recently we’ve seen a number of people with hypermobility. What is hypermobility,…

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Posture people, desk ergonomics, studio, sitting correctly
Posture People’s Guide to Healthy Workstations

We are often asked our advice on how to improve people’s workstations. …

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