DSE & Workstation assessments

Posture People are award-winning ergonomic consultants. We have over 60 years of experience between us in DSE & workstation assessments. There aren’t many workplace issues we haven’t resolved!
We’re here to support your business. We’ll help you get comfortable, compliant and productive with a range of assessment options to help you complete your DSE requirements as efficiently as possible.

3564+ compliant clients

3564+ compliant clients

7446+  real people helped

7446+ real people helped

874 miles of the UK covered

874 miles of the UK covered

Level 1:

Online DSE assessments

If you have an organisation with lots of employees or multiple sites, online assessments are an efficient way to deliver and record written DSE reports. Our online system is web-based with no set-up costs making on-boarding easy for your organisation. Each user will require a license which can be obtained at a sliding price scale dependent on the quantity purchased. Where possible the system will attempt to encourage each user to ‘self-help’ but it will also flag up any users that need additional assistance from a qualified assessor. As always, we will be on hand to offer advice and expertise.

Online DSE assessments
dse assessments and workplace assessments

Level 2:

Advanced DSE assessment

If you’ve identified an individual that requires additional support following a self-assessment, our fully qualified DSE assessors are on hand to provide a more in-depth assessment. We review how the individual is working and provide on-site coaching, immediate alterations to the workstation and advice on habit changes that the individual needs to adopt. We will also work closely with you, the employer, create a practical action plan going forward. As part of this service, a full written assessment and recommendations will be provided for your records, and where possible, we will endeavour to reuse any existing equipment to reduce your expenditure. If it’s necessary, we will provide a competitive quote for any product recommendations. Posture People are completely independent and do not provide any ‘own brand’ products, specifying only the most cost-effective and helpful products from our wide portfolio of manufacturers.

Level 3:

Express desk check

If you have multiple staff members that need some assistance following a self-assessment, we can conduct express desk checks to make sure that your team is happy, healthy and comfortable. One of our assessors will come to your workplace and make ergonomic adjustments to help your team get the most from their workstation. If we spot that their equipment isn’t quite right and we can’t rectify it on site, then we can provide a quote with product recommendations. This does not replace the need for a written DSE assessment completed via self-assessment or our managed online system. We will be at the end of the telephone if you need any support, advice or specialist furniture recommendations that you might need along the way.

Express DSE workstation set up and desk check

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