Ergonomic agile working essentials

If you spotted up in the Telegraph, you’ll know that we recently shared our experience with implementing agile working.

Agile working focuses on the idea that work is a task, rather than a place to go. With this is mind, staff are free to work where they like in, and even away from the office, granted that the same milestones are reached. Agile working may even incorporate some of the same work practices as ‘flexible working’ such as adopting hours around other commitments such as child care.

Further to helping staff achieve a better work/life balance, agile working can also be hugely cost effective for businesses as the cost of office overheads sneak up. In our personal experience, carefully planning and re-designing our offices has helped us to scale up. Whilst some of our team still have fixed desks as they prefer to be office based, we ensured that all our workstations were fully adjustable for anyone to work comfortably when they visit PPHQ!

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Here are some of our top tips for agile working:

Agile working, working from home, co-working spaces

  1. Affordable ‘Freeflex’ office chair
  2. ‘GATE8’ Business MATE
  3. ‘Shadow’ attachable laptop stand
  4. ‘Stand Up’ height adjustable desk (available on request)
  5. ‘Spacestore’ lockers (highly customisable and available on request)
  6. ‘DUO 100’ lightweight wireless keyboard and folding mouse



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