How high should my desk be?

When you’re experiencing neck and shoulder pain, the height of your desk might not seem like an obvious cause. However sitting at the wrong desk height means adapting your posture to the desk and holding tension where you shouldn’t.

Standard office desks are 73cm tall. This accommodates people of most heights and allows them to sit comfortably, but it might be that this is too low or too high for you.

In the video below our workstation assessor (and director) Jo shows you through the correct desk set-up. This includes using your arm angle as a guide to modify your posture and using your chair arms correctly.

If you are now sitting at the correct height but your feet are dangling from the floor, you might need to work out if you need a footrest or not!

There are lots of other ways to check your workstation to reduce aches and pains. Head over to our YouTube channel or visit our blog for lots more information and advice. If you are looking for a new desk, we have lots of desks to choose from in our shop, suitable for both workplace or home office.

If you need extra help then get in touch, our knowledgeable team are always on hand for advice.

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