How to set up your office chair correctly

Regardless of how much money you invest into ergonomic products, if you have not set up your workstation correctly, you might still experience some workplace woes. Here at Posture People, we are well accustomed to adjusting chairs to make them just right for each and every individual regardless of size, height and shape.

If you are using an ergonomic chair for the first time (or some pesky colleague has re-adjusted your chair) use our guides for premium posture. Download them, print them out, and stick them up!

Mastering the basics 

If you follow our step by step guide then you should achieve the best possible posture (shown below).

How to sit correctly guide | Posture People Brighton

We hope this checklist helps you adjust your chair. If you need some additional assistance, you can speak to one of our DSE assessors on 0845 313 1503 to schedule a workplace assessment.

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