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Actyv inflatable lumbar support

Available from:
£75.00 (ex. VAT)

The Actyv inflatable Lumbar support uses the same principle as a lumbar support in an ergonomic chair. Inflate the pump-up back support by squeezing a bulb, breathing air gently into the support pad until you just begin to feel support in your lower back. This product is perfect for improving comfort on the move, in your car or strapped to your existing office chair.

Choose between a single and triple cell dependent on the support you require.

Product Specs:

Width 200 mm / Height 100 mm (single) / Height 300 mm / Width 300 mm (triple)

A lightweight layer of memory foam as standard

Inflated and delated with the bulb in a few seconds

The adjustable webbing strap with clip buckle allows you to attach it to whichever seat you happen to be in.


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This product is good for...

  • Portable back support
  • Extra support on your existing chair
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