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Bakkerelkhuizen S-Board 840 keyboard

£54.95 (ex VAT)

The Bakkerelkhuizen S-board 840 is an ergonomic compact keyboard with light touch scissor keys. Perfect for office or agile workers, this keyboard reduces the risks of overreaching for your mouse and keeps arms close to the body to prevent strain.

It has 2 additional USB ports that allow you to add on a separate number pad if necessary. The number pad has 26 different keys and calculator function. If you work with data input extensively, we would highly recommend adding the numberpad which can be placed on your left of right side.

The keys on this keyboard have a scissor mechanism rather than a membrane which makes it enjoyable and easy to type with.

Problem Solving

If you are having trouble when you turn your computer on then make sure that your number lock is off. Press Fn + F11 to activate or deactivate num lock.

  • Separate number pad
    • 0 £

Product Specs:

Name:S-board 840 Design USB

Cable length:150 cm

Drivers:Plug & Play

Width: 305 mm / Height20 mm / Depth165 mm

Weight: 480 g

Compact UK layout


We offer free delivery on all orders over £150 to the UK mainland.

This product is good for...

  • Prevents overreaching for the mouse which will help shoulder pain
  • Promotes a healthier working position
  • Works well when paired with a laptop stand for a compact and lightweight agile working package
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