Bakkerelkhuizen UltraBoard 940 keyboard

£57.95 + VAT

The UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard is the newest innovative product from the BakkerElkhuizen range. Compatible with Windows and macOS.  A unique ergonomic keyboard that can be used via Bluetooth and with a USB cable. This cable also serves to charge the keyboard. Another plus is the thickness of the keyboard. At only 19 mm, the UltraBoard 940 is a very comfortable compact keyboard that can easily fit in any laptop case.


By multi-pairing you can link the UltraBoard 940 to up to five different devices. This allows you to easily switch between your PC, tablet, smartphone or other device by using a hotkey. The Ultraboard 940 has dark letters on a light background. These make reading easier and contribute to a higher productivity.


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