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The Drumback is neither upholstered nor pure mesh, but combines the advantages of both basic forms. Martin Ballendat’s ingenious design idea was to stretch the cover fabric – similar to a drumhead – over a back component made from polypropylene. Drumback uniquely combines the benefits of the cool comfort of a mesh back and the stability of a closed back without the need for upholstery in a fresh and contemporary look.

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Drumback summary

  • The Drumback is adjusted via integrated buttons in the seat marked with user-friendly icons.
  • To change the height of the back support, the user simply grips backwards with both hands while seated and folds the generously dimensioned clamps open, continuously pushes the support to the preferred height, and closes the clamps again. Maximum intuitiveness and comfort.
  • The Drumback features seat height and seat depth adjustment, adjustable 3D arm supports, and optional lumbar support.
  • The Drumback is available in black, light tele grey or iron grey.


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