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Ergodoc (Document Holder)

£54.99 (ex VAT)

The Ergodoc copy holder is one of our most popular items. Wide enough to fit a keyboard underneath, the Ergodoc ensures that you’ve still got space to work on the desk if you need to. The Ergodoc copy holder is an especially great tool for a small desk as it maximises the space you’ve got available.  The Ergodoc sits between your keyboard and the monitor, and positions all of your paperwork at just the right angle, so you can see it, copy anything you need – all without looking down at the desk or twisting your neck.

This device also helps if you haven’t got much space on your desk – as you don’t need to put paperwork at the side of the keyboard anymore. Virtually every accounting department that we work with, has one.  Any department that still deals with paper, that will really benefit from this product.

They are a firm favourite at Posture People HQ and nearly every member of our staff has one!

Product Specs:

Suitable for documents/books/folders/dossiers etc. up to A3 size

Aligns documents and monitor in a straight line, preventing eye fatigue and neck strain

Saves desk space

Dimensions (w x d x h): 510 x 270 x 190 mm (20,1 x 10,6 x 7,5″)

Fixed height

5 mm (0,2″) thick clear acrylic

Max. weight capacity of 6 kg (13 lb)




We offer free delivery on all orders over £150 to the UK mainland.

This product is good for...

  • Documents, books or folders up to A3
  • Preventing neck strain
  • Preventing eye fatigue
  • Saving desk space
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