Ergorest Arm Support

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Working closely with clients with a variety of workstation related issues and disabilities, we often recommend the Ergorest to aid in easing shoulder and joint pain. In particular, we have found it conducive in helping conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), Hypermobility and RSI. The Ergorest provides a wide range of movement so that you can comfortably move your mouse or type, but restricts you from overreaching for your keyboard or mouse. This is beneficial as overreaching is a common workplace habit that contributes to shoulder pain.

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The Ergorest forearm support can help prevent a number of work-related health issues such as repetitive strain disorders, shoulder fatigue and wrist pain.

Made in Finland, the Ergorest provides immediate relief to hand, neck and back strain, helping users align to a safe working position. The Ergorest forearm support is designed for office and industrial use and eases the tension caused by working with computers.

Easy to install and highly adjustable to suit different individuals, simply clamp the Ergorest to the front of your desk to relieve computer related strain.

Ergonomically designed to provide support to the forearm, elbow and wrist relieving muscle strain and fatigue from the shoulders and highly effective in the relief of Carpal Tunnel pain and RSI impairment.

Musculoskeletal complaints are some of the most common work-related injuries amongst office workers. Ergorest is proven to decrease work-related neck and shoulder symptoms and related sick leave by up to 50%.

Your Ergorest will arrive stylishly packaged in a recyclable cardboard case and includes full instructions on how to achieve a correct working posture.

We highly recommend this product for anyone who needs forearm or wrist support, a great solution to relieve work-related muscle pain.

Features include:

  • Fully adjustable armrest
  • Suitable for left and right arm users
  • Cast aluminium arm - lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy installation
  • Genuine leather support pad – comfortable and easy to clean


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