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Goldtouch V2 comfort keyboard

£135.95 (ex VAT)

The Goldtouch keyboard is an iconic split ergonomic keyboard that reduces wrist pronation. By splitting the keyboard both horizontally and vertically, the individual user can adjust the keyboard to a comfortable and ergonomic typing position.

The 30° adjustment (horizontally and vertically) positions the wrists in neutral position (rather than bending them up or down to type.

For those that work intensively with numbers and data, we would recommend adding on a separate Goldtouch Numeric pad that plugs into the Goldtouch keyboard. This is suited for left and right-handed users and limits repetitive movement across the keyboard.

  • Separate numeric keypad
    • 0 £

Product Specs:

PC only

Plug and play by USB connection with the following operating system:

following operating systems:

Windows OS like (Win. 98, XT, 2000, Vista, Win. 7, 8, etc). As for other OS such as Apple Mac and Linux system, should work with those computers as long as the system supports USB keyboard. However; function keys (Office short cut keys, multimedia keys, Windows keys etc) might not work properly on those non-Windows OS PCs

Cable length: 175 cm

Drivers: Plug & Play

Width: 388 mm

Height:25 mm

Depth:178 mm

Weight1.2 kg:

Sort: Split adjustable keyboard



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This product is good for...

  • The quiet stroke keys make for a tactile and pleasing typing experience
  • Comfortable typing position makes it suitable for people for people with Arthritis
  • Preventing and easing the symptoms of carpal tunnel & RSI
  • Separate number pad has 22 keys including backspace, escape and tab
  • Only compatible with PC’s
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