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Gym Ball

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Securemax Exercise Balls are a proven device to help and train in physiotherapy and exercise and can be used instead of a chair in the home or office. Relax against it, stretch on it, sit on it – it’s very versatile!

Designed to strengthen back musculature, these exercise balls can help relieve back pain and relieve the spine. Featuring the Securemax® system which, for your safety, if punctured the ball deflates rather than bursting, making it recommendable for children, pregnancy exercises and healthcare environments. The Securemax gym ball includes a plug lifter and an exercise poster, providing you with ideas for exercises and positioning.

Not sure what size you need?  A full description of how you can work out your perfect size is shown under the product specification at the bottom.  The Gym ball also requires a suitable pump for inflation.  Needle valve pumps usually used for basketballs/footballs etc won’t work as it needs to have a cone shaped nozzle.  We recommend the Dual Action Air Pump 

Product Specs:

Securemax Exercise Balls

  • meets highest safety standards
  • strengthens back musculature
  • can help relieve back pain
  • encourages correct sitting
  • proven device to help and train in physiotherapy and exercise
  • can be used instead of a chair
    • at home
    • at work
    • in school
  • includes exercise poster
  • surface has a pleasant, warm feel but is extremely resistant to abrasion
  • latex and phthalate free
  • You will require a pump to inflate this product, if you don’t have a suitable one we can recommend the dual action air pump

SISSEL® Securemax Exercise Ball

  • maximum static weight limit 500kg
  • burst resistant up to 130 kg
  • sizes:
    • Ø 45cm
    • Ø 55cm
    • Ø 65cm
    • Ø 75cm
  • colour:
    • blue-purple
    • red
    • silver/grey
    • lime green

The Securemax System: For your safety, if punctured the ball will not burst exsplosively but will loose air gradually. Which size is right for me:

  • measure the length of your arm from shoulder to wrist
  • this measurement roughly corresponds to the required minimum diameter
  • always choose the ball slightly larger in diameter


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This product is good for...

  • Exercising at home
  • Easy to follow exercise poster included
  • An alternative sitting method
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