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Laptop Tray Table

£167.99 (ex VAT)

Working on a sofa is never going to be ideal.  But if you’ve got no choice, this laptop tray table can help. It is designed to fit under the legs of the sofa or chair (and it’s adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.  When you press on the handle, the table will swivel out of the way, allowing you to get up from the sofa easily.  So, if you are currently leaning over to work on a coffee table or stool, this is an ideal replacement with better ergonomics.

The tray table also stops your legs from overheating from the laptop.

The table is height adjustable and can be used with the vast majority of sofas and chairs.

Originally designed for assisted living, we thought it would be ideal for people who haven’t got the space for a separate table or desk in their homes, allowing a better sitting position if you are asking yourself – can you work on a sofa.  If you combined it with a sitting wedge and a back support you would have a more supported working position.







Product Specs:

  • It adjusts in length to fit either side of your sofa or chair
  • Height of tray 61-81cm
  • Height adjustable handle 72cm-92cm
  • Handle dimensions 11.5 x 12.5cm
  • Base length adjustment 65-90cm
  • Size of tray 51 x 38cm
  • Weight limit of tray 13.5kg


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This product is good for...

  • Working on the sofa using a laptop
  • Moving easily out of the way when you need to stand
  • Can be used as a side table whilst not in use for working
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