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LeBloc screen risers

£8.75 (ex VAT)

The LeBloc screen riser is stackable monitor riser designed to raise your monitor to the correct height. A rough guide to making sure that your monitor is at the right height is by keeping the top of the screen in-line with your eyebrows. The idea is to not drop your head to look at the screen which puts pressure on your neck and ultimately puts your perfect posture out of kilter. Also available in a conveniently packaged box of 20 for a lower cost per unit.

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Product Specs:

L300 x W220 x H 65mm

Colour: Black

We wouldn’t recommend stacking more than 3 high for stability. If you need to raise your screen further a monitor arm would be a better investment.


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This product is good for...

  • Cost-effective way to raise your screen
  • Reducing neck pain
  • The area under the riser can be used to store paper and/or stationary
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