Media Filing & Index Cabinets

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Media Card Index Cabinets provide a combination of A5 and A6 shallow drawers designed to accommodate most traditional paper/card storage or new media storage for cd’s, dvd’s.

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Media filing and index cabinets options

  • 5 Drawer unit holds 3 rows of A5 cards (approx 6900 cards per drawer)
  • 6 Drawer unit holds 2 rows of A5 cards (approx 5750 cards per drawer) or approx 74 DVD’s per drawer
  • 8 Drawer unit holds 2 rows of A6 (approx 4600 cards per drawer) or approx 80 CD’s.

Media filing and index cabinets features

  • 15 year guarantee
  • 50kg suspension file carrying capacity per drawer
  • Undefeatable Anti-Tilt Locking Mechanism (unit must be on level ground)
  • 100% drawer extension
  • 2 key mastered series
  • Unit height conforms with 4 drawer filing cabinets.


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