Nomi 2 chair

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The Nomi 2 High Back is a good adjustable chair where you can alter the seat angle and the back angle so that you can adjust it to suit you. This chair also has fantastic lumbar support and suits smaller individuals as the seat depth is quite shallow.

The Nomi 2 High Back is a popular choice as the classic entry-level task chair, proven through its quality, durability and comprehensive range of variations and options. The Nomi 2 High Back is available with three different mechanisms, including a permanent contact back, an independent seat and back, and synchronised mechanism available on request. As a standard, we specify an independent seat and back mechanism (ISB) for better adjustability.

This chair is good for average-sized individuals but can work particularly well for petite individuals when specified with a seat slider. This chair has all the same features as the Nomi 3 High back but has a shorter seat depth as well as a lower back. If you have longer legs, the Nomi 3 Extra High back might be a better option for you.

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Why don't we sell chairs online?

Simply put, ergonomic chairs are hard to buy online! Our chairs are manufactured to meet your companies' requirements from the castors up, and we need your input to find your perfect match. Get in touch for trial products, fabric swatches, pricing and free impartial advice.

Top tip! When you speak to us about your requirements, make sure you specify which floor it will be going on. That way we can prevent your office chair from ruining your laminate, hardwood floor or carpet.

Product Specs:

Height:  900-1105mm

Depth:   700mm

Seat height:        455-590mm

Seat width:         455mm

Seat width with arms:     650mm

Back height:        480-545mm

Seat depth:         450mm


The Nomi range is also available with a smaller back and as a draughtsman chair

This product is good for...

  • Highly adjustable and durable (a real favourite for our public sector clients)
  • Good for petite individuals (between 5ft- 5ft6)
  • Solid construction
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