Rockstick Ambidextrous Mouse

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The Rockstick Mouse features a vertical handle allowing the hand to remain in the handshake position. This position is known to minimize pressure in the carpal tunnel area of the wrist.



The Rockstick Vertical Mouse was designed to relieve and prevent computer-related mouse injuries, in particular, the numbness, weakness, tingling and pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

The Rockstick Mouse is the first vertical ergonomic mouse that allows users to click using the strength of the entire hand instead of fingers alone.

You don’t need to click with your fingers any more. Instead, the hand wraps around the upward handle rising from the base and tilts it to left or right to make the left or right clicking easily.

If you’re looking for the best ambidextrous mouse to help alleviate your wrist pain, this is a good place to start.

Affordable, simple to use and suitable for left or right handed users, the Rockstick is wireless, so fits neatly onto your desk without creating additional cable clutter. It’s incredibly comfortable to use and will only take a few hours to get used to! You’ll wish you’d bought a vertical mouse years ago.

If you’ve ever experienced wrist pain from using a standard mouse, the Rockstick is a fantastic investment in your wellbeing.

2014 Winner of the red dot design award

The Rockstick is available in 2 sizes and comes securely packaged in recyclable cardboard.

To determine the best fit, measure the distance across the knuckles of your hand, not including your thumb.

Small/ Medium: 7 – 9.5 cm (2.75 – 3.75 in)
Large: 9.5 – 12cm (3.75 – 4.75 in)

Features include:
• Upright comfortable grip
• Interchangeable grips
• DPI adjustable up to 2000 dpi
• Ambidextrous
• Wireless
• Suitable for Windows or Mac.


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