Sit Fit Cushion

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The Sit Fit cushion is an active, dynamic seat.  The SitFit Cushion relieves upper body tension and builds back musculature. The Sit Fit exercises the muscles of the back, pelvic floor and builds foot and leg muscles.  This cushion helps to prevent back problems and corrects poor posture.  We often get asked “is it safe to sit on a gym ball at work?”. Gym balls do not meet office health and safety requirements and ultimately lead to poor posture. Using a Sit Fit cushion with your ergonomic office chair can encourage you to use your core muscles as well as supporting your back. If you would like to be less sedentary at work, we also have a range of standing desks and flexible ergonomic chairs. 

Please note that we currently only stock the 33cm Sit Fit in black.

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Sit Fit Cushion: An active, dynamic seating aid

  • relieves upper body tension and builds back musculature
  • exercises
    • back
    • abdominal
    • lateral stabilisers
    • pelvic floor muscles
  • durable enough to be stood on to increase flexibility in the foot and ankle
  • can help prevent back problems by correcting poor posture
  • proven helpful in cases of
    • ADHD
    • Dyspraxia
  • valve permits pressure variation


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