Wilkhahn IN Chair

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IN’s athletic aesthetic is a perfection mix of ingenious design with first-class materials, appealing finishes and innovative manufacturing processes. The IN chair encourages a vast range of movement throughout the day whilst remaining fully supportive of the spine with its trimension technology.

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Built equally with form and function, the Wilkhahn IN chair is a unique and attractive ergonomic chair. Wilkhahn has devoted decades to making people less desk-bound. It all started with a pioneering study called “From posture-based to motion- based seating” which spawned products that are still considered the world’s best and most attractive office chairs. Advancements in material and process technology have opened up opportunities to tap into completely new dimensions of dynamic sitting with Wilkhahns patented 3D kinematics called Trimension . Wilkhahns engineers and designers have created IN and made this groundbreaking technology possible for back offices too. Perfectly synchronised 3D dynamics combined with exceptional comfort stimulate our bodies, boost our powers of concentration and make work a relaxing experience. See the IN in action here!



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