Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

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If potential work-station ‘ouches’ are giving you a headache, we’re here to help you set things up properly. Our qualified workplace DSE assessors will spot and stop trouble before it starts and help you to stay comfortable and compliant with our workplace consultancy service.

Level 1: Self Assessment

A self assessment DSE is a great way for small businesses to identify any workstation related issues and remain compliant to the Display Screen Equipment legal requirements. Once the individual has completed their self assessment, the employer can then review the assessments to identify whether reasonable workplace adjustments need to made to make the employee comfortable, or to cater to any specialist needs. This is a free way to deliver your DSE if you already have an internal DSE assessor confident enough to follow HSE guidelines.

We will be on hand to offer you any advice or specialist furniture recommendations that you might need along the way.

Level 2: Advanced DSE Assessment

If you’ve identified an individual that requires additional support, our fully qualified DSE assessors are on hand to provide a more in-depth assessment. Our DSE assessors can visit your site to see how the individual is working and provide on site coaching and immediate alterations to the workstation. They will also give advice on habit changes that the individual needs to adopt, and the knowledge on how to help themselves in the future. We will also work with you, the employer, to help you formulate an action plan going forward.

This knowledge combined with making any alterations to the workstation that are necessary, help to increase productivity at work, reduce absenteeism and improve wellbeing within the company. As part of this service, a written assessment, recommendations and quote will be provided for your records. In addition to this, users will be given access to free ergonomic guides and a monthly habit changing programme to ensure optimum workplace wellbeing even after we’ve left site. To ensure that any products that we have recommended fit the bill, we can also offer a week’s free Business to Business trial on a range of our ergonomic furniture and accessories. We often ask that a pre-assessment questionnaire is completed before our visit so we can get a better idea of your height, weight and health issues that might affect the outcome of the assessment. Please email [email protected] or call us on 0845 313 1503 to request a copy.

Level 3: Specialist Workplace Needs Assessments & Software Advice

As well as receiving all the benefits of a Level 2 assessment, Level 3 is recommended after a DSE assessment has shown that the user requires reasonable workplace adjustments for complex health issues or disabilities. During this assessment our highly qualified assessor will be able to complete necessary work station adjustments in addition to recommending specialist assistive technology, discussing working techniques and individual coping strategies. Conducting this level of assessment will help the individual to remain in work safely and comfortably with an all round approach to better workplace wellness.
A level 3 assessment covers working with a variety of conditions such as:
• Visual impairment
• Dyslexia
• Complex physiological issues
• Disabilities
• Mental Health
• Visual stress assessment
• Return to work assessments
Disability awareness days, group training and line management one to one sessions are also available on request to help better understand the working needs of disabilities and complex conditions in the workplace.

If you would like some more advice, or unsure of which assessment is right for you, please speak to one of our fully qualified DSE assessors us directly on 0845 313 1503

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