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Office Chairs

Catering to users of all shapes and sizes, we carry a large range of office chairs for the smallest to the tallest of individuals. Our ergonomic office chairs provide fantastic support for those who suffer from back pain (and for those who are trying to avoid it at all costs), and we have something to suit every budget.

Ergonomic office chairs
24-hour chairs
Bariatric office chairs
Stools & saddle chairs
Kneeling chairs
Clean room, Laboratory & ESD chairs 

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Height adjustable standing desks | Desks | Brighton | Executive desk

Desks and tables

Where the magic happens! The office desk is fundamental to a productive work environment, and we cover a variety of options from standing desks and ergonomic choices to your regular fixed-height desk. If you need it, we have it.

Height adjustable standing desks
Standard desks
Benching systems
Reception desks

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Free standing meeting pods | Meeting sofas | Meeting rooms | Brighton

Meeting Pods

Posture People supply a huge range of architectural meeting room pods and meeting sofas. From glass to acoustic solutions, we have a configurable solution for all budgets. Great for when you need to create a private, quiet getaway in your workspace.

Multiple user meeting pods
Single user meeting pods

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Ergonomic workstation accessories | Ergonomic mice | Split keyboards

Workstation Accessories

The majority of us spend far too much of our time in from of computer screens. As a result, our bodies need some extra TLC – which is where our products come in. We stock a range of ergonomic mice, keyboards, and other workstation accessories to keep you fit as a fiddle.

Writing Slopes & Copyholders
Bags, Backpacks & Trolleys
Monitor risers & arms
Laptop stands

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Lumber supports | Back Supports | In car supports | Posture People

Lumbar Supports & Rolls

Specifically designed to support your back, our lumbar support cushions are all made of memory foam which molds itself to your individual shape. Offering gentle support and reducing pressure on some of the most put-upon areas, these are a real lifesaver.

Back supports
Sitting wedges
Sit fit cushions

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Posture People Storage | Lockers | Brighton

Storage Solutions

Who said office storage was boring! As well as containing acoustic properties, storage is an essential for any office or commercial space. Choose from a variety of finishes, sizes and bespoke options to suit your storage needs.

Under desk storage
Filing units


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A healthy sleep/wake balance is one of the essential requirements for a happy, healthy and productive life. As ‘the Human Animal,’ our body clocks are still controlled and regulated by the daily changes in the light spectrum that we receive. If we are stuck indoors in an office, factory, school room, hospital or warehouse, our bodies still crave this daily cycle of short wave (blue) to long wave (red) light from morning to evening. Take a look at how our human-centric lighting can help you!

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