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We need to talk about presenteeism
Let’s talk about presenteeism

As big advocates of workplace wellbeing, we have our ear to the…

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Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus sized stuff
Creating a comfortable office environment for your plus-sized staff.

Year on year the percentage of obesity in adults continues to rise.  In…

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Advice for standing desk users
Advice for Standing Desk users

Described by Men’s Health as “the most dangerous thing you’ll do all…

Office Wellbeing Advice
Health and safety regulations for offices
Occupational Health and Safety made simple

Health and Safety is an important aspect of any business. It is…

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A quick look at DSE legislation for eyecare

We are often asked about what are the rules surrounding eyetests and…

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Why is sitting down all day so exhausting
Reducing the cost of work related sickness

According to the latest report by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP),…

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Posture people, desk ergonomics, studio, sitting correctly
Posture People’s Guide to Healthy Workstations

We are often asked our advice on how to improve people’s workstations. …

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