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a home office desk
How do I choose a good home office desk?

When a home office goes wrong…. Lately we’ve seen countless adverts pitching…

Home working
Everything you need to know about DSE
Everything you need to know about DSE

We have noticed during our time as DSE assessors that there is very little information…

Health & Safety Advice
What is a sit to stand desk converter?

Working standing up comes with many benefits but a standing desk can…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Pregnancy risk assessments in Brighton
Making your workplace fit for new and expectant mothers

We have received many questions on adapting the workplace for new and…

Health & Safety Advice
hand on computer mouse
How to stop getting mouse wrist pain

Mouse wrist pain is a common issue that comes up for those…

Health & Safety Advice
Working from home: How to set up a home office

For some, this might be the first time you haven’t had a…

Remote working
person typing on a short keyboard
Why use a short keyboard

For those who don’t know, a short keyboard is basically just a…

Office Ergonomics Advice
What are the 3 ergonomic working zones and why should you use them?

Having an ergonomic workspace isn’t just having an ergonomic chair or desk,…

Office Ergonomics Advice
6 top tips for workplace wellness
Mental health first aid training

Recent research conducted by mental health charity Mind, found that work is…

Office Wellbeing Advice