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Office workers of the future
Is this what office workers will look like in the future?

Meet Emma; A life-size doll that represents what office workers will look…

Office Design Advice
Bad posture. postural kyphosis, hunched back
Postural Kyphosis

Nearly every day-to-day work action (when not done correctly) from using a…

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Posture People
Christmas opening hours

As the evenings draw in, and the team at Posture People hover…

how to choose a standing desk
How to choose a standing desk

It’s difficult to know how to choose a standing desk. To choose…

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Primary school chairs for teachers
The perfect chair for Infant school teachers

We are always scouting out niche new products to fix the issues…

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Posture people, desk ergonomics, studio, sitting correctly
How to sit correctly guide

After the success of our original sitting guide, we’ve been busy creating…

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What are standing desks and why might they be right
Standing Desks – What they are and why they might just be right for you

Here at Posture People, we’re very much proponents of the ergonomic chair,…

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Desk essentials for developers
Ergonomic desk essentials for Developers

The booming digital scene in Brighton means that we have lots of…

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