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a home office desk
How do I choose a good home office desk?

When a home office goes wrong…. Lately we’ve seen countless adverts pitching…

Home working
hybrid working
What is hybrid working?

You may have heard the term hybrid working used recently and wondered,…

Laptop stand, wireless keyboard and mouse
The new Homeworking Wireless Kit: A review

Recently we were contacted to help improve a student desks at home,…

Working from home How to set up your home office
Working from home: How to set up your home office

For some, this might be the first time you haven’t had a…

Home working
Christmas opening hours

As the evenings draw in, and the mince pies at Posture People…

Ergonomic agile working essentials
How working from home benefits employers

How does working from home benefit employers? In a recent study by…

Home working
Advice and guidelines for standing desk users
Essential guidelines for standing desks users

Posture People have been advocates of workplace wellbeing for over 10 years….

Health & Safety Advice
Sign up for our next free online clinic providing expert advice on creating the right set up at home

Posture People are helping people working from home to create a more…